AATV Investor Information

AATV provides Cable TV Operators instant entrance into the Cable Television Ad Sales.

We have deployed over four hundred systems around the world, and continue to expand our customer base on a daily basis.

“There is an untapped and un-served cable advertising market of nearly 30 million homes and we have both the technology and the wherewithal to provide for these subscribers today.”

– J. Michael Heil:

In the United States we provide a complete turnkey solution to generate advertising revenue on any size system on a revenue share basis, using our unique business model that alleviates the capital investment in hardware and software for traffic management. Our patent pending technology provides access for sales staff from any location using nothing more than a web browser. We are the only provider in the industry that can provide insertion in head ends powered by direct to home satellite networks.

  • Stock Symbol: AATV
    Exchange: OTC

    Share Capital
    Authorized Shares: 500,000,000
    Outstanding Shares: 46,720,638
    Corporate Address
    4400 NE 77th Avenue Suite 275
    Vancouver, Washington 98662

  • Investor Relations Contact:
    (617) 871-0204
    News Releases
    Newsroom:View our OTCMarkets News Page
    SEC Filings:View our OTCMarkets Filings Page
    CEO: J. Michael Heil


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