• Adaptive Ad Systems Technology

    Adaptive Ad Systems proprietary technology provides reliable ad insertion on up to 48 networks in Analog, SD and HD. Our insertion products consist of a video server and a switch matrix. All of our insertion products contain a fail-safe feature that ensures continued network coverage in case of failure by using a relay bypass mechanism.

    • Video Server Platform

      • Storage for over 44,000 MPEG-2 or 6,000 MPEG-4 – 30-second spots
      • Automatic downloading of schedules and spots
      • Smart scheduling technology improves playback performance
      • Automatic transfer of playback logs and diagnostic data
      • Remote diagnostics for ease of maintenance
      • Up to 8 simultaneous analog playbacks on one Ethernet-based multiplexed stream
      • Controls up to four remote switching devices or 32 channels
      • Powered by Windows™ XP Pro™

  • Digital Insertion Products

    We are the ONLY Company in the industry with patent pending technology inserting on video powered by Direct to Home Satellite Networks. Ideal for smaller head ends, universities, hospitals, multiple dwelling units and hotels.

  • Traffic Entry & Biling

    The team at Market Specific Ads handles all ad sales, traffic and billing functions for our partner systems and advertisers. With the help of our integrated Traffic Entry and Billing Management interface, we provide fast and accurate order entry, scheduling, verification and billing – and no back office worries or manpower issues for you.


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